Based on the experiences of three members of the Community Works Youth Theater Ensemble, “Swallowing the Moon” is a brave, bold look at the effects of trauma on two children of incarcerated parents. More than that, it is a story about connection in the face of adversity, and how, for some, art can actually be the only way out of the pain.

Tuesday, April 18 / Wednesday, April 19
PianoFight, 144 Taylor Street, San Francisco

$8 online / $10 at the door

For Eliza Williams, every day is an obstacle course. Her dad got locked up when she was 11; her mom left without a trace soon after that. Now 16, she lives in San Francisco with her younger brother Kevin and their overprotective grandmother. To make matters worse, Eliza suffers from a debilitating anxiety triggered by memories from her past and the challenging reality of her present — which includes a girl at her high school who tortures her relentlessly. One day Eliza learns unexpectedly that this girl is like her — a child of an incarcerated parent — and the two end up forming a bond that seems magical. But nothing is what it seems when trauma plays a role, and the truth they discover ends up leading them down roads neither could have imagined.

Come by early to grab dinner and drinks before the show! PianoFight has a full kitchen and bar. If you plan on dining, PianoFight recommends you arrive 1.5 hours early. Restaurant seating is first come first serve.

Street parking is free after 6pm. PianoFight is located 2 blocks from Powell BART, numerous muni lines and there are 3 parking lots within 1 block.