Who We Are

One Family - Arielle

Arielle Reisman is the Lead Clinician at San Bruno Jail. She has a master’s degree in social work from New York University and she has worked with families affected by incarceration for over six years. She provides individual therapy to men in San Bruno and also coordinates the good-bye visits for fathers who are leaving to serve prison sentences. Saturday is her favorite day of the week—seeing dads come together with their kids who they have been missing all week long. Her favorite game to play with dads and kids is Headbands.


Khaledah Wright is a Parenting Group Facilitator. She is a San Francisco native dedicated to advocating and navigating resources for families. Her background includes Child Development, Family Unification and Group Facilitation. Khaledah facilitates parent/child visits and parenting classes inside County Jail #2. Khaledah has a 12 year old daughter, is currently studying Child Psychology,and she is looking forward to working with you and your family.


Melissa Morelli is the Human Services Agency Liaison for all San Francisco county jails.  She works with parents who have CPS cases (Child Protective Services) helping parents who are incarcerated get in touch with their social workers and make sure their children know where they are. Melissa also helps with all of our family visits where she loves to bring babies to meet their parents (sometimes for the first time). She has her master’s degree in Social Work and has been San Francisco for the last 15 years working with on the streets of the tenderloin, 6th street corridor, Polk & the Bayview. She loves kids and has has had a lot of experience early in her career working with children as a preschool teacher, soccer coach and a nanny.


Natalie Bell is the Lead Clinician at San Francisco County Jail 2. She is in the MFT Integral Counseling Psychology Program at CIIS where she practices Gestalt therapy. In addition to teaching parenting classes and coordinating visits at County Jail 2, Natalie also works with juvenile lifers at San Quentin. Her favorite part of visits are helping kids put together large puzzles and dancing with them during their favorite song.


Rahkii Holman is the NoVA Family Case Manager. He has been working with families and youth affected by the criminal justice system since 2011. He has worked at Contra Costa Jail, Camp Sweeney with teenagers and Chowchilla Women’s Prison and helped people heal through the process of restorative justice. He currently works with individuals as they re-enter their communities, families, and their role as parents. He helps them find housing, school, jobs, and ultimately to be a deeply present parent. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and producing hip hop music in Oakland.


Rebeccah Lanni is the Program Coordinator for One Family and is originally from the Chicago area. She has a lot of experience directly serving people affected by incarceration through tutoring GED students in custody as well as supporting youth who need to find housing once they’re released from jail. She is a proud new aunt and loves spending time with her new nephew, even if it’s just over Skype. She facilitates the visits at County Jail 5 in San Bruno with the fathers and her favorite activity in the visits is playing with the Kinetic Sand.

One Family - William Sanchez-Roy

William Sanchez-Roy is the One Family Education Director. He is a San Francisco native and father of three boys (14, 8, and 7) and a newborn daughter! Not only does Will teach parenting classes to men throughout our facilities, he is also a psychology major at UC Berkeley. Because of his easy-going nature, children seem to gravitate towards Will in the lobby before visits. He knows many of the fathers from his ten years working with The Beat Within, a youth publication of writing and art from inside juvenile hall. He loves watching fathers connect with their children through play and is always there to coach dads through bottle feeding babies and coaching dads and kids in one-on-one basketball.

Interns and Volunteers:

We sometimes have volunteers and interns from universities who are studying education or social work help us with Saturday visits. They are all trained and are under direct supervision of our staff at all times. They must have extensive experience working with children and families and have passed the Sheriffs Department background checks. We also sometimes hire youth from Project WHAT! These are young adults who have had parents incarcerated. They know firsthand what kids need and are very helpful setting up the toys and helping walk the children to their visit.