Who we serve

Incarcerated mothers at the California Institution for Women in Corona, California, and incarcerated fathers at Solano Prison in Vacaville, California.


What we do

The deep bond between parents and children is a powerful motivating force for healing and growth. Our gender-specific parenting program supports incarcerated mothers and fathers in moving towards a healthy family life.

Grounded in cultural relevancy, we invite clients to take a deep dive into their own story, and the trauma, hurt and abandonment that often defines it. The program enables participants to surface the unexamined pain underneath their history, and begin to realize they can choose a healthier course for their own families.

In addition, the program uses restorative justice principles that allow clients to recognize, own and make amends for harm to their family members.

Maintaining healthy family ties during incarceration is linked to post release success and an increased likelihood of successful reintegration. Parenting from Prison empowers clients to release unhealthy patterns and move forward with pride and confidence as more skillful mothers and fathers.


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