Parenting Inside Out

Parenting From Prison utilizes the Parenting Inside Out (PIO) curriculum, an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral parent management skills training program created for incarcerated parents through a six-year collaboration of scientists, policy makers, practitioners, and instructional designers. Both the information in the program and the way that information is presented were informed by knowledge derived from research and practice.

PIO addresses the unique situation and issues of systems involved parents. PIO:

  • Is outcomes-based
  • Is learner-centered
  • Uses social learning theory to teach cooperation and problem solving in the context of learning parenting skills
  • Helps parents promote healthy child adjustment, prevent child problem behavior, and interrupt the cycle of intergenerational criminality

Parents develop and refine social interactional skills and citizenship behaviors they can use in all aspects of their lives and that will help them guide their children toward becoming positive, constructive adults.

The PIO program gives parents a way of navigating life that uses healthy, pro-social skills to interact with children, partners, co-parents, officials, friends and family. For more information contact