Restorative Justice for Families

Restorative Justice for Families is a component of Parenting from Prison in Solano Prison.

The RJ for Families group is intended to accomplish three objectives.

First is to support personal growth of the participants through the Restorative Justice Circle process. The RJ Circle process asks each group member:

  • “How have you harmed?
  • “How have you been harmed?”
  • “What accountability can you take?”
  • “How can you move forward?”

The process follows a method that creates a respectful, safe space for all participants, builds peace and creates community. 

The second objective is to train participants of the RJ for Families group to be RJ Circle leaders for peers at Solano, as well as on the outside after their release. 

The third objective of the RJ for Families group is to build capacity for Family Transition Circles at Solano. As our graduates gain skills as valued parents and active family members, CW will offer yet another Restorative Justice tool to them. The Family Transition Circle is a multi-part, facilitated Restorative Justice Circle meeting between parents and children, in which the child is the identified ‘victim’. The goal is to allow the incarcerated parent a chance to take responsibility for the harm caused to the child(ren), and to make a plan to heal that harm.