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Project WHAT! has delivered trainings to 9,000 people in 18 counties throughout California and ten states. Our youth-led trainings provide audiences with tools to more effectively serve children who have or have had a parent incarcerated. Here’s what one audience member said after our presentation to the San Mateo County Reentry Council:

“Our members were not only impressed with your stories, but your resiliency, hopes and dreams for your futures, and willingness to make a difference. Your work will have a significant impact on policy makers and cause them to consider, before acting, what impact their decisions have on children and youth.” – Director, San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Our offerings are designed and delivered by our team of trained youth.

Youth-led Trainings: Tailored to meet your needs, our trainings enhance conferences, workshops and staff in-service trainings.

Co-Facilitation and Presentations: We are trained facilitators and speakers who can add a unique perspective to your programs and events.

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