Resolve to Stop the Violence Project

RSVP in the News: Upon release, Adam Verdoux, an RSVP ManAlive offender restoration program client, cites experience in ManAlive as turning point in his path to success.  He is now working on a Master’s degree in Social Work from San Francisco State University.  Verdoux: “The ManAlive Program has changed my life.”  See article here.


Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP), a collaboration between Community Works and the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, aims to bring together all those harmed by crime, including victims, communities, and offenders. RSVP is driven by victim restoration, offender accountability, and community involvement.

The program consists of the following components

  • manalive
  • Survivor Restoration Program
  • Reentry Services, including job development
  • Restorative Arts Programming

RSVP recognizes that violence hurts victims, communities, and offenders and creates an obligation to make things right. Based on a restorative justice model, the program aims to accomplish the following:

  • Centralize victims’ needs, giving survivors primacy in the development of RSVP, while empowering victims to restore themselves, their families, and their communities as they make the transition from being victims to becoming survivors and advocates.
  • Hold offenders accountable for their violence, focusing on redefining and restructuring their male-role belief system and on repairing the harm caused to their victims and communities.
  • Mobilize community involvement to support victim restoration, reduce offender recidivism, create opportunities for restoration, and prevent further violence.

RSVP has proven successful in reducing violent crime and has resulted in a reduction in recidivism of up to 80% in San Francisco, CA. RSVP has been recognized with numerous honors and is a winner of the 2004 Innovations in American Government Award.

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