We’re Here And Talking (2016) is a research report detailing Project WHAT!’s research findings and policy recommendations concerning children of incarcerated parents in San Francisco. Downloadable for free, or available to order for $5 (contact ocalderonleon@communityworkswest.org).

The Welcome Home Project (2014) contains the stories of 20 men and women who have transformed their lives after years in prisons and jails. The book includes stunning photographs by Community Works’ Executive Director, Ruth Morgan and compelling stories edited by Micky Duxbury. The project lifts up the stories of survival, resilience, and success that are often hidden in the shadows of stigma and shame associated with past criminal behavior. Available to order for $10.

Oakland Tales, Lost Secrets of The Town (2014) is written by Summer Brenner with illustrations by Miguel Perez. It’s the second in a series of site-specific, time-travel novels that connects young teen readers to place, puts them inside the continuum of history, addresses social justice issues (present and past), and envisions a transformative blueprint of the future. The book received a Partners in Preservation award from the Oakland Heritage Alliance. Available to order for $15 (educational discounts available). Appendix and bibliography available online.

A Sentence Apart (2010) is a 12-minute DVD features two youth from Project WHAT! and a grandmother as they cope with a family member in prison, attempting to bridge broken relationships, and diligently working to break the generational cycle of incarceration. Available to order for $12 (contact ocalderonleon@communityworkswest.org).  

Richmond Tales, Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle (2009) is written by Summer Brenner with illustrations by Miguel Perez. It’s the first in a series of site-specific, cross-cultural novels targeted at young readers. The novel reflects the stories of youth growing up in the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond, as well as time-travel adventures to Richmond past and future. Summer Brenner won a City of Richmond’s Historic Preservation Award (2010) and Human Rights Award (2013) for Richmond Tales. The book was selected for the 2015 Read Across America campaign by the California Teachers Association. Available to order for $15 (educational discounts available). Indelible Memories (2009) is written by Community Works Artist in Residence Tanya Pearlman who worked with residents of the Empress Hotel, a supportive housing model that links health and housing for citizens transitioning from homelessness. Indelible Memories: Tales of Survival, Struggle, and Heart is a selection of creative stories from residents that review passion, hardship, struggle, and humor, and give a needed voice to the creative spirit that lives in each and every Empress resident and homeless person. Available to order for $8 (contact rmorgan@communityworkswest.org).

Resource Guide for Teens with a Parent in Prison or Jail (2008) was developed by Project WHAT! youth, this 80-page workbook answers common questions that children have when a parent is incarcerated. It has an entire section that explains complex jail and prison visiting procedures in plain language. Downloadable for free, or order a copy for $5, free for youth (contact ocalderonleon@communityworkswest.org).

Only the Dead Can Kill: Stories from Jail (2006) is a collaboration between acclaimed author Margo Perin and men and women who have been incarcerated in San Francisco County Jail sharing their stories. In their raw, powerful voices, these emerging writers look at their lives with unflinching candor and show their commitment to transform and heal their suffering and perpetration of crime in this profoundly personal and courageously public anthology. Available to order for $12 (contact rmorgan@communityworkswest.org).