Restorative Justice Circles

RJ in Reentry supports returning individuals through weekly talking circles at Community Works and reentry centers in Contra Costa County. These RJ circles provide an opportunity to share stories, concerns and challenges specific to those returning to their communities from incarceration. The circles are facilitated by Community Works staff members Troy Smith, Nicole Cuellar and Dee Myers.

Restorative Justice Arts combines circle gatherings with creative expression to learn, connect, create and heal. RJ circles provide the safe container to explore harm through a restorative lens while the creative process facilitates the outward extension of emotions and personal stories in a unique, imaginative way that complements and completes the circle experience. Collaborative artwork is shared with the community as an extension of the RJ process.

Healing/Community Circles focus on supporting individuals and communities in the process of working through challenges and harms. The circle provides a safe place for its members to share experiences without judgment and work through difficulties by calling upon collective wisdom. Whether peace keeping, healing, or celebratory, circles help people with common interests and lived experiences to build strong communities of support, resilience and action.