The Issue
Chances of a black male being imprisoned during his lifetime:
1 in 3
Recidivism rate within three years of leaving prison, nationwide:
Number of black children with an incarcerated parent:
1 in 9
Number of Americans living behind bars:
2.3 million

Racial inequality is pervasive throughout our justice system. People who are poor and of color represent the great majority of those who populate our jails and prisons. The majority of public funds that go to them in their lifetime come not in the form of education, healthcare and opportunity, but in the cost of policing and incarceration. It’s a cycle that repeats across generations, and communities.

Our work is to change that.

Here is how.

Translational Justice =

Direct Service + System Change

For example

In response to the enormous recidivism rate in S.F. County Jail, we implemented RSVP, the first restorative justice based program in the U.S. for men who have violence documented in their criminal histories.