Sean Sanchez knows the routine. Before anyone can ask, the 12-year-old pulls his pants pockets inside out and takes off his shoes, wiggling his toes to prove he’s not concealing drugs or weapons. Cleared by deputies, he’s allowed inside San Francisco County Jail No. 5 to see his father.
With 2.7 million children with incarcerated parents, 1 in 9 Black children have a parent behind bars. Protecting services and support for children with incarcerated parents is paramount. Community Works' program, One Family, provides the most comprehensive family services programming within the county jail system in the country, including providing contact visits for incarcerated mothers and fathers with their children.
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Right now in-person visitation in jails across California is being threatened to be replaced by video visitation. Please encourage Governor Jerry Brown to sign SB 1157, a bill that will protect in-person visitation across the state. Remind our Governor that we need #realvisits (petition in link).
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