Who we serve

Currently and formerly incarcerated mothers and fathers in custody and post-release in San Francisco County.


What we do

The trauma caused by the incarceration of a parent can have a profound affect on a child’s developing brain and body. Our relationships with the San Francisco Sheriff and Adult Probation Departments have enabled us to offer programs to address family risks for parents incarcerated in the SF County Jail.

Our clients are supported in realizing their full potential as parents by looking deeply at their own life history and experiences in order to gain insight and healing within themselves. The program offers one-on-one therapy, in-depth parenting classes and actual visits in a room together instead of through a window. Our clients are able to recognize the origins of their parenting choices and consider how they can create more health and wholeness for themselves and their families.

By partnering with our clients during family visits, we are able to support them in taking what they are learning in the program into their relationships with their children in real time.

One Family was used as the model for the Urban Institute to develop a “Tool Kit For Developing Family Focused Jail Programs,” which has been distributing nationally where jurisdictions around the country are now able to develop similar programs.

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