Who we serve

San Francisco high school students with incarcerated parents.


What we do

Using theater as our medium, we help our students give voice to their difficult experiences and process the trauma that comes with having an incarcerated parent. By addressing isolation, we can advance healing and protect future potential for our young people. We have two youth theater programs: an in-school arts elective (for-credit) and an extracurricular apprenticeship (for a stipend).

The CW Theater Arts Elective is a for-credit elective course in which students express their experience through creative writing and social justice theater opportunities. The class culminates in an original play developed by the students.

Our CW Youth Theater Ensemble (CWYTE) provides the same opportunities in a more intensive and long- term summer and after-school environment. CWYTE is comprised of two workshops: a writers’ workshop in July and an acting workshop that runs from October through April. All youth are paid a stipend of $400 to $1000 for the completion of each workshop.

Both programs help vulnerable young people increase their self-awareness and positive self-image. They are welcomed into a caring community of others facing similar issues, breaking the stigma and isolation that can cause lasting damage.