Where We’re From is an intergenerational oral history and poetry project conducted by writer Summer Brenner and photographer Ruth Morgan. Personal stories enliven our sense of time and place – and make them our own. We come from somewhere. We belong to someone. Even when our past is lost or abandoned, it follows us.
What value do our own personal stories hold for others? Can “where we’re from” illuminate “where we’re going?”

 Where We’re From set out to find answers to such questions.
Youth at Richmond High School and Kappa High School met to discuss migration and genealogy and conduct interviews that formed the basis for poems about themselves as well as family and community members. 

With family members, they gleaned new information and unexpected advice. From community members, they recognized decisive crossroads similar to their own. The interviewees were also grateful for the opportunity to express themselves. As Ruby Jean Fox told her great-granddaughter: “Nobody ever asks you to sit down and tell them about your life, and by the time they think of it, it’s too late.”