Our Approach

We honor as expertise the lived experience of survivors, incarcerated people, and their communities. Our services are designed to meet the needs of people at any stage of justice system involvement.

Our People

We reduce the number of people coming into contact with justice systems and improve outcomes for those who do. We ensure that the people living within and in spite of these systems are the ones who will ultimately change them.

Our Work

Community Works has over 25 years of experience implementing restorative justice programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a leader in restorative-based program design and community solutions to incarceration. 

Our Impact

Discover how our programs impact people’s lives.

Our Work

Providing people with the opportunity to address the root causes of their behavior, make amends and forge a new path.


Supporting people in successfully returning home after incarceration with restorative justice, case management, artistic creation, and family systems work.


Encouraging children with incarcerated parents to use their voice, pride, and power. And diversion programs for young adults up to age 25.


Translating the lessons learned from our direct service work in pursuit of a future where justice heals rather than harms.


Our Mission

The Community Works (CW) mission is to transform justice through programs and policy rooted in humanity and healing. We aim to reduce the number of individuals entering and re-entering the criminal legal system and support communities of color disproportionately harmed by mass incarceration through direct programs and participant-led advocacy.

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