Our 2022 Impact Report

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Overview of the 2022 Report

Every year, Community Works serves over 1,000 children, transition-age youth, and adults, including those incarcerated or returning home from jail or prison, survivors, and young adults diverted from the system. Yet, the individuals and families we serve are so much more than a number.

In our 2022 Impact Report, we have compiled some stories from our program participants and staff that demonstrate the power of a restorative approach to justice. As you read the report, you will also get a preview to what’s on the horizon for 2023 as our organization continues our mission towards a future where justice heals.

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Programs and Communities Your Donation Supports

Below are some of the programs and communities your generous donations help fund.

  • Transformation Programs offer people the opportunity to address the root causes of their behavior, make amends and forge a new path. We work both with people incarcerated and with the survivors of their harm.
  • Restorative Reentry Programs support transition-age youth and adults coming home after incarceration and combine restorative justice, cognitive behavioral therapy, artistic creation, and family systems work to support a successful return home.
  • Youth Power programs focus on children and transition-age youth and support them in harnessing their power so they can speak truth to help break the cyclical impacts of mass incarceration and change the systems that create that cycle.
  • Changing Systems is how we translate the lessons learned from our direct service work. By honoring lived experience as expertise, the people in our community lend their voices to collective actions that seek a future where justice heals rather than harms.

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Your donations help fund the various programs and communities that we serve.