Systems Change

Translating the learned lessons from our services into changing systems

We translate the learned lessons from our direct service work into efforts aimed at changing systems. By honoring lived experience as expertise, the people in our community lend their voices to collective actions that seek a future where justice heals.

In recent legislative years, Community Works has engaged in state level legislative work, listed below.


  • AB 990 (Bonta): establishes visiting as a right


  • ACA 3 (Kamlager): removes “involuntary servitude” from the California Constitution 
  • AB 118 (Kamlager): creates non-law enforcement emergency response grant program
  • AB 256 (Kalra): addresses racial discrimination in past convictions
  • AB 328 (Chiu): creates new reentry housing resources
  • AB 503 (Stone): limits use of youth probation
  • AB 610 (Kalra): limits the criminalization of school-based student behavior
  • AB 1308 (Ting): expands AB 1076’s automatic record clearing
  • SB 300 (Cortese): reforms the “felony murder rule”
  • SB 354 (Skinner): allows children to be placed with formerly-convicted relatives
  • SB 586 (Bradford): expands SB 144’s elimination of court fines and fees
  • SB 731 (Durazo): seals conviction histories upon completion of a sentence