Adrienne Hogg

Co-Executive Director; Chief Financial Officer

Why do you do what you do?

I want to give back to an organization that is serving the City of Oakland and the Bay Area where I make my home. I want to provide support to the staff, who work hard each day on the front lines of justice reform.

As Chief Financial Officer, I’m responsible for managing the finances of the organization. I make sure that we track and report what we’ve spent, analyze our results and strategically plan for our financial future. I primarily work directly with administrative staff and program managers but my job also allows me to assist almost everyone at CW . Before coming to CW, I held several senior managerial roles in finance for public and private companies in the construction and biotech industries. I’ve been on the board of both public and private schools in Oakland. I hold BS and MBA degrees from the UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

When I’m not at CW, you might find me reading mystery novels or baking treats for family and friends.

Contact Info

Phone: 510.268.8116
Email :