Ellen Syvoravong

Staff Accountant

Why do you do what you do?

I wanted to join CW because of the organization’s strong mission to transform lives. I knew if I became part of the team it would also transform my life as well. CW not only promotes restorative practices to our judicial system, racial equity, and disproportionate community members, it also promotes us to build stronger relationships with people among us. I’m excited to use these practices professionally and personally, and I feel very proud to be with an organization that puts humanity first.

As the Staff Accountant, I’m responsible for supporting the financial department and CFO in general accounting procedures and budgets. I will also be assisting in compliance, and providing financial reports and statements for the organization. In addition, allocating funds and donations to the appropriate departments and programs so our organization runs smoothly and efficiently.

My duties are similar to many accountants in the corporate industries I have worked for. But this is my first official role in a non-profit which means much more to me than other places I have spent my career. As a non-profit staff accountant I am able to wear many hats and take a mission based rather numerical approach to successfully running a non-profit. 

When I’m not at CW, I will be enjoying my time as a cool mom by creating DIY projects with my children weekly or being outdoors with them. I also like to dance and currently like to take a multitude of dance classes.

Contact Info

Phone: 510.268.8116
Email : info@communityworkswest.org