Jakaela Foster

Program Coordinator, Project WHAT!

Why do you do what you do?

The work I do within CW is necessary in order to shine the spotlight on youth voice in the midst of the many traumas that mass incarceration forces onto our young people. I had the privilege of having a support system throughout my parent’s incarceration as a young person. Being a part of CW is my way of supporting youth who are still navigating through the impacts.

As Alameda County Program Coordinator, it is my responsibility to uphold a safe space for children of incarcerated parents. I train the youth part of ProjectWHAT! on public speaking skills, leadership development, advocacy, healing, and the prison industrial complex.

When I’m not at CW, I am being my creative self. I am skilled in graphic design, clothing design, marketing, and most importantly eating all around the Bay Area!

Contact Info

Phone: 510.268.8116
Email : info@communityworkswest.org