Karen Calderon Leon

Resource Coordinator, RCC:MIR

Why do you do what you do? I came to CW because I really believed in the mission and being
able to transform the lives of others that are impacted by the system. Being able to provide the
help and guidance that is established through building these relationships, can change the lives
of others for the better.

As Resource Coordinator, I’m responsible for supporting our youth in completing their plan after
their conference. I also work in collaboration with our Innovation Specialist to build
relationships with other organizations in our community to provide better services for our
youth. I am part of the Restorative Community Conference team and will work hand in hand
with our coordinators to get our youth to completion. Before working at CW I had just finished
my undergraduate degree at Sacramento State in just 3 years with a major in Social Work.

When I’m not at CW, you might find me playing with my 4 year old husky named Ghost, getting
Starbucks and just spending time with my family!

Contact Info

Phone : (510) 375-2838

Email : kcalderon@communityworkswest.org