Laura Rubio

Mental Health Clinician, RCC: MIR

Laura Rubio

Mental Health Clinician

Why do you do what you do?

My interest in therapy began in college when I was the first in my family to try out therapy. I appreciated therapy being a space to self reflect, to gain new insights and skills, and to learn that I wasn’t alone in my journey to healing.

I decided to become a clinical social worker professionally, I realized the lack of diversity in the profession. There is a lot of need for more clinicians of color, clinicians who are able to provide therapy in languages other than English, and overall accessible and affordable therapy. There is a dire need for clinicians who are committed to using their privileges, gathered knowledge, and life experiences with mental health to support the people they work with in true partnership, and I hope to do that with you.


I am a Bay Area local, Latina, and proud daughter of immigrants, and completed my Masters in Social Work from Smith College, School for Social Work in 2022. I have clinical experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds throughout the Bay Area, both in English and Spanish.Based on my own experiences in therapy as both a client and therapist, I am committed to being a therapist that is accessible, supportive, and empowering, while practicing from an anti-racist, feminist, and decolonial lens.