Rahkii Holman

Program Manager

Why do you do what you do?

I was raised with the value of “paying it forward.” As someone whose socio-economic origins are working class/working poor and as a descendant of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, I feel called to act on those values. This is not solely altruistic. I believe that all of our liberation is interconnected.

As Program Manager, I’m responsible for supporting my teammates as we strive to provide restorative justice centered reentry services, to returning citizens throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. A snapshot of this service includes coordinating referrals, connecting with other community-based organizations and systems partners, regularly meeting with teammates to problem solve and affirm their values as they pertain to the mission at hand. We work together to connect returning citizens with anything from employment and housing opportunities, education, criminal legal system advocacy, to community building and healing, through restorative justice circles. With the assistance of other CW staff, I also manage the Restorative Reentry Fund, a guaranteed income program for returning citizens.

When I’m not at CW, you might find me FISHING. In a stream, a pond, a lake, a river, the ocean….a puddle. Wherever there’s water. Or, deep off into some music, whether listening to it or creating it.

Contact Info

Phone: 510.268.8116
Email : info@communityworkswest.org