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We’re Here And Talking (2016) is a research report detailing Project WHAT!’s research findings and policy recommendations concerning children of incarcerated parents in San Francisco. Downloadable for free, or order a copy for $5.

A Sentence Apart (2010) is a 12-minute DVD features two youth from Project WHAT! and a grandmother as they cope with a family member in prison, attempting to bridge broken relationships, and diligently working to break the generational cycle of incarceration. Available to order for $12.  

Resource Guide for Teens with a Parent in Prison or Jail (2008) was developed by Project WHAT! youth, this 80-page workbook answers common questions that children have when a parent is incarcerated. It has an entire section that explains complex jail and prison visiting procedures in plain language. Downloadable for free, or order a copy for $5, free for youth.


Project WHAT! Tshirt: $15

Project WHAT! Track Jacket: $20