Our Team
Adrienne Hogg
Chief Financial Officer
Dorothy Payne
Assoc. Director of Human Resources
Kristina Bedrossian
Executive Director
Kyle Magallanes Castillo
Deputy Director
Abby Bordin
Make it Right Coordinator
Alejandra Serrano
Program Coordinator, One Family
Bhavani Kludt
Discharge Planning Facilitator, RSVP
Charles Hollins
RSVP Facilitator
Claudia Larios
Case Manager, Survivor Empowerment Program
Deanne Myers
Restorative Practices Strategist
Diego Cardenas
Make it Right Coordinator
Jaimie Diaz
Administrator, RSVP
Jakaela Foster
Program Coordinator, Project WHAT!
Jerry Scoggins
Support Counselor & Liaison, RSVP
Jo Bauen
RSVP Facilitator
Kevin Martin
Community Development Specialist, Restorative Practices
Lauren Brown
Program Support Specialist, RCC
Leo Bruenn
Facilitator and Trainer, RSVP
Lisa Gregory
Program Manager, One Family
Lynn Aylward
Rising Voices Director
Magali Rivera
Case Manager, TAY Reentry
Maria Rios
Case Manager
Melissa Saavedra Barfield
Program Manager, Restorative Community Conferencing/ Make it Right
Neelima Upamaka
Community Outreach and Peer Training Coordinator, TAY Reentry
Oscar Calderon Leon
Program Manager, Project WHAT!
Rahkii Holman
Program Manager
Scott Schell
Program Manager, RSVP
Sofia Solorzano Flores
Human Services Agency Liaison
Thylon Sizemore
Case Manager, TAY Reentry
Troy Smith
Case Manager, TAY Reentry
Victor Ledon
Senior Conference Coordinator, Restorative Community Conferencing
Yolanda Macias
Lead Case Manager, Survivor Empowerment Program

Translational Justice =

Direct Service + System Change

For example

In response to the widespread occurrence of children being present at the time of their parent’s arrest, we partnered with the S.F. Police Department to implement arrest policies known to reduce family trauma.